Photography Style

Snaps Photography has a unique style of wedding photography that is deeply rooted in wedding photojournalism while influenced by fine-art and fashion photography. We love using creative lighting, unique perspectives, angles, compositions and artistic post production refining to bring out our clients personalities and beauty while telling your wedding story. We pride ourselves on not just being photographers, but rather jounalist and artists creating unique and expressive imagery.
We believe that in hiring a professional wedding photographer, clients deserve a professional that is able to use technological expertise and creative vision to create a product that clients and amateur photographers could not on their own. With digital SLR cameras becoming more and more affordable, there are many amateur photographers out there posing as professionals. Our goal is to educate our clients on the differences, and provide artistic imagery that far surpasses other top knotch wedding photography studios.
Therefore, our wedding photography philosophy has three primary parts as follows:
-Wedding photographers are artists and therefore must have a deep understanding of artistic theory including concepts on composition, lighting, color, design, balance, etc.
-Wedding photographers should be using professional grade camera and lighting equipment.
-Wedding photographers are constantly in unusual lighting situations with significant time constraints, thus wedding photographers must be masters of their equipment. Being able to quickly adjust camera settings, anticipate lenses needed for each scene, use on and off-camera lighting techniques, etc are crucial to being able to consistantly create a professional product.