about the photographer

Potential clients often ask me - how long have you been a photographer? In a light hearted response I may reply - long enough to know quite a bit about what I am doing, but not long enough to be bored or stuck in a rut! In all seriousness, following college, I began my professional photographer career in 1999. As a photographer for the Opelika Auburn news, my attention was surrounded by sports photography, traveling throughout the southeast covering SEC sports. While working at the paper a fellow photographer asked if I would assist her with a particular wedding job. It was similar to what I was already doing, the emotion, the fast pace, and the constant attention to detail, I loved it. Following that day, and a number of other such assists, I began the transformation to working with brides and grooms, and location portraiture.

Weddings and portraiture make up the majority my photography, and since 1999, every year I strive to go beyond what I have done in the past. Though most of my college training was oriented towards photojournalism it turns out that it made for the best foundation for wedding photography.

Photography Philosophy
Your images should reflect who you are, not merely a collection of set arrangements. My goal is to present you with a collection of images that will not only bring back memories and emotions years from now, but do so in a non-intrusive, enjoyable, and creative fashion.

Outside Interests
My three daughters, Kali, Delaney, & Stella! They are the light of my life and better at looking good through the camera than I am as a photographer.